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Jaisalmer, renowned for its magnificent 9th centuries old golden fort, amazing sand dunes and intricate stone carvings in the houses of the ancient city is any visitors delight. A prominent landmark in this spectacular heritage city is Mandir Palace, which had been the residence of the rulers of Jaisalmer for more than two centuries. Mandir Palace is an exquisitely carved architectural marvel of ornate balconies, canopies and delicately carved screens that represent a high point of local craftsmanship in its finest and purest form. A noticeable feature of Mandir Palace is its tower called ‘Badal Vilas’, which stands out as the tallest structure below the hill-top city fort.



Kalyan Bhawan Hotel was the former home of the Ruler of Jaisalmer - Maharawal Jawahir Singh ji and was called as ‘Kanwar Pada’, meaning Princes’ Residence in local parlance. He lived here as a royal member of the Jaisalmer family till he became the ruler of Jaisalmer in 1914. The former haveli was an old mansion with wood beems which had given way with the passage of time and hence many parts had to be pulled down and recreated to make the property contemporary to the present day times. The property is owned by Raj Kumar Dr. Jitendra Singh the grandson of Late Maharawal Jawahir Singh ji who named the property in memory of his grandmother Her Highness Maharani Sahiba Kalyan Kanwar ji who married His Highness Maharawal Jawahir Singh ji in 1917.

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